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success stories

[How GL2K helps with HK/China operations]

We are the staff of a garment factory in the Guangdong province under a Hong Kong-based holding company. We tried GL2K in the second half of 2001 just with the intention of trying. As GL2K had given us a good impression in the trial run, we formally adopted it. We think GL2K is unique in various areas: simple operation, instant enquiry, convenience and efficiency. In the past we have used several famous accounting software in China. Although these kinds of software have multiple features, they do not suit SMEs like us. The procedures and the operations are too complicated. This would greatly increase the workload of our staff of the accounting department which in turns decrease the efficiency.

[Mouseless input and multi-user environment = increased input speed]
After we decided to use GL2K, as we can enter vouchers without using keyboard, the speed of booking the transaction is vastly increased. Also, we can add a new account that has not been configured into the system directly while entering vouchers. This is very convenient. In the first stage of digitizing our accounting system, the financial controller from Hong Kong headquarter found it very difficult to read the ledger and trace for what is going on. He ordered us to re-input all the transactions over the years into the digitized system before a deadline. As GL2K is network-ready and can employ in multi-user environment, we immediately arranged several typists to input the data. That is how we can finish the improbable mission well before the deadline.
[Instant printing of various reports and real-time processing instant amendment]
After entering vouchers, ordinary accounting and book-keeping software would only allow you to print different types of accounting reports after posting. However you cannot amend the vouchers entered previously after posting. GL2K makes the difference! As long as we wish to, we can print whatever reports we need. In addition, we can have instant amendment of the vouchers.
In relation to making enquiry on transactions and vouchers, we just need to input the pre-defined string or amount and find all related transactions instantly. Without GL2K, what we can do is searching in the detailed account and the chart of accounts one by one. How inconvenient it would be!
[Effective checking of account receivable and payable and management of cost and expenses]
To every enterprise, the management of operating capital and the checking of cost and expenses are important. The circulating speed of fund affects the operation of the company directly, and the cost and expenses affects the profit. Therefore it is of crucial importance to monitor the account receivable and payable, and also to understand the operational cost and expenses of the company. The control document feature of GL2K enables us to monitor effectively.
While checking of the account receivable and payable of the company, we just have to enter the voucher number in the control document column as the analysis code in our daily operation. When we want to check the amount receivable or payable from and/or to a particular client or supplier, we only need to select the specific account in the control document report, and find out the amount debited/ credited to and the remaining balance that account as at any time specified.
In relation to checking of the cost and expenses of a particular product, our common practice is to use the order number of that product as the analysis code and enter it into the control document column. We can then print put the control document report of that manufacturing order. In this way we can know well the cost and expenses of the production order and manage them when appropriate.
[Settlement of unintelligible sequence of characters during the transfer of accounting information between HK and the mainland China]
As a subsidiary company, we need to send the accounting data of our factory to the headquarters in HK. The computers here are all using system in simplified Chinese, while the accounting department in HK uses computer system in traditional Chinese. In the past, it was often that unintelligible sequences of characters were found on the information sent to HK. To solve the problem, we converted the information from the accounting software to an Excel document, and sent the document afterwards. But now, after handling the transactions of that month, what we have to do is compress and backup the accounting data, and send the compressed file to the headquarters. For the HK staff, after receiving and expanding the accounting data, they can convert the simplified Chinese (GB) into traditional Chinese (Big5). GL2K completely solve the unintelligible sequence of characters due to different coding systems between the computers in the two companies. This speeds up the checking procedure.
GL2K allows us to enjoy practicability and convenience. Clickstart, thank you!