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While designing GL2K, we are concerned about how the software works for you, but not what the software can do. We understand clearly that what you need is the best tool for you to complete your daily work, but not the superficial features of the software. Thus GL2K offers you streamlined transactions input process, instant enquiry and real-time processing instant amendment.


What is the purpose of bookkeeping?

On one hand, the source documents of the company are recorded systematically on the ledger sheet by class. The amount and balance of that particular chart of account is counted and accounted for. Statements will then be generated and printed to show the financial status of the company.

Bills of exchange > Book of Accounts > Financial Statements
On the other hand, the financial statements are analyzed and are reflected to respective chart of account. The vouchers and the source documents can be traced back through the ledger sheet.
Financial Statements > Accounting Transactions > Source Documents
Traditional accounting software focuses only on the manipulation of vouchers to generate financial statements. They are seldom concerned about the importance of tracing back from financial statements to vouchers. GL2K is here to fulfil the objective as a tool.