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  Compatibility and support for GL2K/GL2KPRO/SHEEP ("Programs") on Windows10/11

Since the first version of GL2K was employed in 2004, the most common operating system of implementations is on XP and Win7 and no major problems reported.

  At present, there is basically no major problem associated with the implementation of GL2K on Win10/11. However, we can't guarantee that there will be no problem in the future.
  After all, GL2K is a 32bit program and we do not know how far it can go under the 64bit system (as if the Chinese system under DOS run within XP in the past).
Win10/11 is likely to be updated daily, and users have no say when Win10/11 is updated and how it changes.

Our company cannot accept being a slave to Microsoft.
And many has heard that Microsoft dumped Visual FoxPro as it will likely eroded the profits of its other similar products licensing based on user count.

  Because the "Programs" being built on the development platform of Visual FoxPro.
Therefore, we can only expect the "Programs" be implemented properly on current Win10/11 version.  However, no one can untake nor guarantee "Programs" continue to properly work  on the "updated" Win10/11.
  With the desire to avoid the domainance by Microsoft and being forced to act according to their wishes, our company has begun to develop similar products with similar features on other open source platforms.   
We hope to complete the project in mid-2022 and we and our users will no longer be manipulated by Microsoft in the future.