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Past improvement/debug record

(This page uses Google Translate to convert the message from Chinese to English, so sometimes the translation may lose some of its intended meaning.)

2024-04-02 fullSET financial statements PDF printing:
  • Because a new method is used, the temporary table generated by the attribute accGlLoc is used to store the page number and position of the accounting number in the subsidiary account
  • So it is necessary to correct the code for reading the page number and position of the subsidiary account in the balance sheet and income statement
  • Generated file names use lowercase letters.
In the revised statement of changes in equity:
  • Report title when displaying detailed information
2024-03-31 When printing fullSET financial statement PDF, the detailed information of the same accounting account is not printed on the current page, and the title is reprinted on the next page.

Because it is basically a financial statement file that is completely close to sheep, all new methods and attributes in sheep must be transplanted to gl2k in the form gl_fullset_pdf.scx

2024-03-28 Modify the spreadsheet:
  • Added fiscal year start date option
  • Correct the calculation of the opening balance of accounting accounts to ensure that the P/L account is reset to 0.00 on the beginning of the year
  • Add hidden account number 4XXX as retained profit so that this data can be inserted and T/B balanced
  • Include retained profits as of the day before the start of the year
  • Amended two report files to support printing of hidden account numbers 4XXX as retained profits
2024-03-26 Correct the date control and class library, add baseForm base class form attribute is_chk_fysa_date=.T. as whether to limit the date to the accounting period

According to the latest revision plan, different dates are given to different reports.

2024-03-17 In the revised statement of changes in equity:
  • Use different report titles when displaying detailed accounts and add the report abbreviation
  • When the end year input by the user is automatically +1 during calculation, such as:
  • When the user enters the start date: 2017.01.01 and the end year enters 2024
  • The system will automatically correct it to 2025.01.01-1=2024.12.31
  • According to the rules of date1 and date2 at the beginning of the fiscal year, the dates entered in different reports are separately detected and processed.
  • Write the date detection function chkDatePeriod(tlInputFYSA, tcStartOrEnd) to detect the date data entered by the user
  • The system determines the relationship to the fiscal year start date based on different scenarios
2024-03-11 Supplement some displays that lack Simplified Chinese
Rearrange menuset sorting

Modify the def_ledmenu module in gl2k.prg and redefine the function menu and its permissions

2024-03-10 Re-adjust the expression of Date1 and Date2 in the interface
Corrected the error of exiting the system because there is no transaction date in the statistics when calculating the opening B/F.
Fixed calculation error for different starting months in different years when displaying detailed transactions
Fullset full set of PDF generation forms:
  • Subdivide the account type into Reserves into Retained and Others
  • Move the data of the opening profit and loss account and the profit and loss account to Reserves and set group3 to Retained
  • For account types without detailed accounting data, add a field prn_ttlamt for printing zero amount 0.00
2024-03-09 Correct the date control and class library, add baseForm base class form attribute is_chk_fysa_date=.T. as whether to limit the date to the accounting period
In the revised statement of changes in equity:
  • The RESERVES type accounts are subdivided into Retained and Profit&Loss data.
  • If there is no data in each year, still add a blank row of data to display in the report
  • Add detailed transactions and record Profit&Loss, Retained Earnings, and Others Reserves separately.
2024-03-08 Modify the statement of changes in equity, adjust the interface from the start date to the end date, and add B/F (company establishment date to start date)

Adjust the printable width of the general ledger report to HP PCL5 general-purpose printer which can print 18.3cm

2024-02-29 Correct accounting type printing order
Modify the balance sheet and add the corresponding content of group3

Modify the statement of changes in equity, instead enter the starting month and date, starting year and ending year, and then automatically calculate each period

2024-01-30 When there is no corresponding summons template for the accounting subpoena category
  • There will be problems when users select templates
  • Inaccurate filtering of first letters
  • If there is no matching summons template, turn off the {Select} button so that the user cannot select it.
  • If the user modified the subpoena classification, the archive button should be activated
2024-01-24 Corrected the border of the general ledger report page to be narrowed by 1mm

Automatically select 12 months or 12 years in a 12-column income statement based on whether the date range is 366 days apart

2023-12-28 Corrected the narrowing of the border on the general ledger report page
Add option to 12 column income statement to allow user to select 12 months or 12 years
Added 12-year profit and loss statement

Corrected the display error of negative percentages of gross profit margin and net profit margin not being long enough, and corrected it to two decimal places.

2023-12-24 Write simple case processing code for equity change statement

Prepare statement of changes in equity report document

2023-12-23 Modify gl2k.prg to automatically add the equity change table to the system menu.

Interface for preparing statement of changes in equity

2023-12-22 Reconstruct a new control method to control whether
  1. Menu with function of using accounting subpoena template
  1. A button that can display the subpoena template in the accounting subpoena
  1. Add 6 numeric buttons to the accounting subpoena template selection interface to set the number of filter characters on the left

There is no need to separate multiple lines between the accounts of the revised general subsidiary ledger [no transaction, no balance]


Fixed an issue with the English and Simplified versions of the summons template

2023-09-19 Modify the saved accounting template to allow users to enter the template number and template name

And control the save template to only allow the user to save the accounting subpoena after it has just been read and before any modifications have been made.

2023-09-15 Modify subpoena input to support new template numbering method

Modify the select subpoena template form to support template numbering method

2023-09-13 Add the v_name C(60) field and add the txtVName input box to gl_vhsample.scx

Complete the subpoena template maintenance process


Remodify gl_vhsample.scx to support maintaining subpoena templates with v_code template numbers

2023-09-04 The accounting subpoena template function is written strictly in accordance with the requirements, and the v_code C(16) template number must be used to maintain and add information.
Go through the process again:
  • Modify gl_lib.check_vhsample_dbf to add the V_CODE C(16) V_name C(60) field and delete the j_no field
  • Modify the gl_lib.CreateSysDBF() function, add the V_CODE C(16) V_name C(60) field, and delete the j_no field
  • When creating a DBF, add the NOT NULL option so that .NULL. values ​​are not supported.
  • Modify gl_lib.IndexDBF() function, add v_code index, delete code_no and cno indexes
  • Modify gl_lib.CheckSysDBF() function No modification required
  • Modify gl_lib.OpenSysDBF() function No modification required
  • Modify gl_lib.CloseSysDBF() function No modification required
  • Regenerate the external index tool gl2k_reindex_10_4.exe, add the v_code index, delete the code_no and cno indexes
2023-05-30 Fixed the problem of blank date in the saved template when the user does not archive the accounting subpoena normally.

Fixed the issue where accounting accounts are duplicated when users add information using the accounting template.


Fixed the issue where when inputting an accounting subpoena template, the pop-up window for selecting subpoena classification only displays subpoena classification data with templates.

2023-04-27 Modify the customer monthly statement gl_ar_stat.scx, add "display transaction details of the current period according to the control document number", and modify the print_preview() method

Add option code processing and add corresponding report file gl_ar_stat1.frx

2023-04-26 Modify the general ledger report gl_ledgr.scx, add "group listing by control document number", modify the leder() method, and add code processing for option 2

Add the corresponding report file gl_led2.frx

2023-04-24 Automatically generate gl2k.dbf (exe_ver C(10) default value is "10.3") and read exe_ver data into the public variable GL2K_EXE_VER

Used to control whether the system creates an accounting subpoena template menu. If it is 10.3, the subpoena template menu will not be automatically added.

2023-04-19 Corrected customer monthly statement-report name confusion

Corrected supplier monthly statement-report name confusion


Intermittently debug the accounting subpoena template form vh_sample.scx. New operations are not supported for the time being. Users can use the "save as" function of the accounting subpoena to save the template.

2023-03-28 Use gl_upd2.scx as the basis to write accounting subpoena template maintenance form
Correct the database structure adjustment program
To support users to adjust the database structure, vhtran.dbf and vhsample.dbf can be adjusted at the same time.
Corrected the traditional and simplified conversion programs and in gl_comem.scx

To support users to convert GB code to BIG5 code, or convert BIG5 code to GB code, convert vhtran.dbf and vhsample.dbf

2023-03-27 Modify the accounting subpoena input form and add the subpoena template function
Modify language definition gl_upd2.language()
Add the button cmdSample to select the summons template in the subpoena input and write the click() call gl_vhtran.scx
Write a program to read accounting subpoena template

Add btnSaveAs save template button and write click() save code


Write subpoena template selection form gl_vhtran.scx

2023-03-24 Modify menuset.dbf content and add accounting subpoena template menu
Define gaTable[12] and add vhsample and vhtran arrays
Modify gl_lib.CreateSysDBF() function
Modify the gl_lib.IndexDBF() function. Note that the index of
vhsample.dbf is cno, and the index of vhtran.dbf is code_no.
Modify gl_lib.CheckSysDBF() function
Modify gl_lib.OpenSysDBF() function
Modify gl_lib.CloseSysDBF() function
The external index regeneration tool gl2k_reindex_10_4.exe

supports the accounting subpoena template function

2023-02-21 Added accounting subpoena template function (menuset.dbf added record)
Write check_vhsample_dbf to create template database tables and indexes
Modify index-related index maintenance procedures

Modify the program to create a new account database

******GL2K 10.3 Standard Edition (build2003) Completed final version******


Fixed the data overflow error caused by line wrapping when the transaction summary is too long when generating PDF from the FullSet report.


Use Arial Unicode MS font to correct garbled characters when generating PDF from FullSet reports


The problem of adding a company in a decompressed document under windows had been fixed. The ability to register on a flash drive had been added.


Added the date format, modified the calendar, added the financial statement name convention, and amended the balance sheet to calculate the initial profit and loss at the beginning of the fiscal year;

Added the full set of financial statements PDF, displayed the default username and password, used the FLL to backup and restore data, and made a green installation package.


Corrected the display magnification.


Fixed the problem of GL.DBF file not being detected and invalid compressed file being displayed because the zip file compressed file when the ZIP file is unpacked.


Corrected the selection of the fiscal year start date and deleted the basic data merged with CHTACC, resulting in fewer records.


Used vfpcompression.fll instead of ZipIt.Dll to avoid the need of administrator rights for subsequent versions such as Win7/8.


Corrected the selection of the start date of the fiscal year to calculate the problem of incorrect profit and loss.

2013-01-03 Completed the final version:
  • Changed the dynamic Menu;
  • Added client's accounts receivable statements, supplier's accounts payable statements;
  • Added a "Press ENTER to confirm input" notice in the text box;
  • Added two columns of balance sheet, 12 columns of income;
  • Displayed the auxiliary data prompts function of Group3 in the chart of accounts;
  • Added "Fiscal Year Start Date" to the balance sheet;
  • Added " Fiscal Year Start Date" to the system parameters;
  • Added the requirements to enter the company's/user's name and print it out in all report footnotes when registering in the lease mode, and modified the registration code length of the lease mode and updated the registration code producer.

Fixed screen resolution.


Added gl2k v10 function.

2011-11-14 Amended the simplified Chinese {accounting voucher} to {bookkeeping voucher}

Added supplier's monthly statement.


Corrected the detection module for loan balance in the data integrity check.


Added automatic adjustment part of the control to use up the entire screen space;

The consideration of effect on brought forward figures shown on detailed ledger with reference to the fiscal year start date was added;

Bank reconciliation function was added and embedded in the account balance online enquiry;
Added the subsequent presentation of unpresented item of bank statement;
Modify the class library, increase the system's default font to 11 to start the automatic zoom function and make the system font larger;

Added the client's monthly statement printing function;


Suspended the Chinese simplified conversion function, date are presented mainly in English.


Fixed the issue of not being able to back up under Windows 7.


Adjusted the system to mainly English, Add GetDiskSerial.DLL to generate serial no.

2009-02-20 Added form automatic resizing function;

By amplifying fonts and form sizes, monitors that support high-resolution displays in the market are utilized, allowing users to comfortably read on-screen data and reduce typing errors.


Cancel the 800x600 form display.


Added the (special) print function.


Added the voucher footer customization feature.


Added account transcoding function and added multiple options for printing LEDGER.


Modified the Journal Report, added the data structure for detecting group1 and cleared the temporary file.


Modified Ledger to add Continued.


Modify the Journal Report to add Option and Sorting.


Set decimal to 4 in calculating debit and credit balance to avoid rounding and inaccuracy cannot by limitation of vfp.


Modified Chart of Account The group1 added in a/c added when entering Voucher is invalid.


Modified the rental mode to allow users to use only 500 times.


Added the rental mode and modified the registration process.


Put the statements that define the global variable in the gl_upd form into the main program.


In the simplified conversion, there is a problem with Group1.Group1 when converting from traditional to simplified;

There was a problem with the Simplified version of MenuSet.DBF. Added MenuSet.DBF to Project.


When entering Voucher, in Voucher, the first record is first entered into Credit, and the second record is entered into debit:
Do not enter any information, press F7 to automatically balance the loan;

Press F9 to save the voucher and voucher, automatically printed,but only showing one record, (though full set of voucher data the saved data is correct!)
(Correction method: You must leave the Grid and refresh the form before printing in the Grid. Focus cannot be on the controls in Gird).


Auto-Balance adjustment, modified Acc_name refresh, negative limit, date format recovery, loan balance multi-detection, serial number automatic refresh.


When entering a voucher, if you insert data in the first line, you cannot press F5 or ENTER to return to the first line;


F7 loan balance function, voucher input debugging, date format correction.


Traditional and simplified conversion (Group1_Des).


Group-I display issues in Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account.


Modified date to be displayed in the format set by Windows;

The Batch Print error, when entering Voucher, if Save->Printer (Not Preview) -> only Credit Side.


Prevent users from illegally installing by copying after registration, and check whether the user's serial number is consistent every time they are turned on.


Restricted Lite version from inputting Chinese characters.


Showed the number of days left in the trial version.


The RTM version of Build 4045 was officially launched.


Fixed the handling failure of exclusive Journal.DBF.


Added company information.


Wrote the Reclassify report in Group-I.


Rewrote the registration program.


Add the period value of the aging analysis, allowing the user to set three analysis periods.


Rewrote the Group-I report.


Rewrote the calculator program in a multi-user environment.


Added the subject group and simulate multi-level subjects.


Added the test code upgraded to version 8.0a to facilitate direct upgrade of the system.


Modified the error of the new subpoena classification;

Adjust the color of the system to meet the 256 colors of the user's remote terminal service using Windows 2000 in the future.


Redesign the way the accounting voucher is entered to accommodate multi-user locking issues.


Fix: When adding a company, mode (4) - Add company data from the compressed file. When the folder already exists, an error occurs, allowing the user to enter the supervisor password new data into the existing company accounting path.


Fix: When the user adds an accounting account when entering the accounting voucher and check "Control Document", the control document cannot be entered in the return voucher.


Check if there is unrelated (dropout) record(s) in Tran.DBF caused by machine hang, Those records cleared or deleted;

Fix: If there is an invalid account type in the chart of accounts, it will be wrong to call the account in the maintenance of the chart of accounts;

Fix: When a user adds two companies with the same name, they cannot be located to the second company when modifying the company profile.


Modify the accounting voucher input method, lock the accounting voucher number that the user is modifying or adding, and add reset_counter() to restore the logger.


Allow the user to modify the printer settings in the system parameters in the accounting voucher and archive them so that the user can modify the print settings at will.


Re-control the transaction number counter of the accounting voucher so that the transaction number can be produced smoothly in a multi-user environment.


Modify the versatility of gl_index.prg to accommodate the invoicing program;

Add the error handling of controling #error 1707 Structrual CDX reference removed;

Modify the versatility of the new company program to accommodate the invoicing program.


Add the aging analysis report.


Fixed an error when entering the "System Parameter Settings" when the user did not install the printer in Windows;

Fix the prompt message of 1705-file is used by another user when rebuilding the index;
Fixed user modification in multi-user environments.


Join the registration code for the Standard and Professional editions.


The accounting type maintenance in the simplified version shows that the BIG5 code has been corrected;

Adding NOFILTER to SQL requires VFP to directly generate the memory file xxxxxxx.TMP for secondary query;
Add an additional registration code to control the functionality of different versions.


When a user uses a printer like Acrobat PDFWriter, the user needs to save the file and change the current directory;

VFP will not return to the current directory after printing, so the program must return to the current directory after printing the report!


The problem of ledger query function exitting the system has been corrected!


Under Windows XP, if you add a Windows9x printer, you will use a name and port like \\lenny\TOSHIBA;

Therefore, it is necessary to detect whether the "\" symbol is included before the name, resulting in the inability to print the accounting subpoena, which has been corrected!


Online inquiry function, when GL.DBF does not have any information, query transaction, control document, there will be printing error, has been corrected!

When adding a company, if "Add a company by compressed file", enter the file name directly in the window of the selected file, the simplified prompt of'file cannot be found' is shown, has been corrected.


Design an elf program for adding company, which makes it easier for users to choose different ways to add company accounts.


The amount of more than 999,999,999.99 cannot be displayed (***, ***, ***.**) has been corrected, support up to 999,999,999,999.99 digits.


The new index key "tr_date" is used to speed up queries and reports.


The problem that user input journal type but fail to pop up the releted transaction number selection.


Cannot exit after print preview returns The system has been fixed: prt_where is rewritten as pr_where.


Use copy technology to dynamically modify report paper and reduce the same voucher print report for different papers.


The return value of some Windows languages detected by CheckWindows() will be converted to uppercase, and the comparison will be debugged with a large writing comparison;

Re-support NOT.NULL in Create cursor to be compatible with DOS version of DBF file, when processing SQL-SELECT;

Consider the field of the .NULL. value, iif( isnull( field_name ), "", field_name )AS field_name.


Use the physical serial number of the hard disk CheckSum result as the software serial number, and no longer support the old version of the registration code. The user must re-register.

2002-12-20 Test the support of long files and add long file support.

Fix "Online Query" to allow the program to not update the company's fiscal year-end date.


Solve the problem of custom paper printing under Windows 9X and Windows NT/2000/XP:

The PageSize= ? defined by VFP in Expr in the report file must be found in Windows, otherwise the default printer settings of Windows will be used;

Writing a program that allows the user to select the Windows printer and paper size PageSize;
Update the PageSize of the Expr field in the report file, and clear the data of the fields Tag, Tag2;

Use GetPrinter() or program to select the printer and use Set Printer To Name "&ptr_name" to specify the output printer.

2002-12-17 Test custom paper print alignment.

Control the document report, add the total amount and length of the extended amount;

Cancel the automatic refresh function of "Online Query" to facilitate users to audit for a long time;
Modify the text prompts in the system to add adjustments to the company program.


The "Accounting Statement" report shows an error. When there is only one transaction or no control document in the accounting account, no total account is calculated;

Add two new options in the "Accounting Monthly Statement", you can choose to print the account with zero balance and the account without transaction or beginning balance;

Add three new options in the "Total Subsidiary Report", you can choose to print the account with balance zero and the account without transaction or beginning, and print each account on a new page;

A unified description of the text of all statements;
When outputting a report, pressing the "x" button on the window will cause an error when selecting the output destination.


Test the stability of printing report and the relationship between the paper settings and the printer set by Windows.


When adding a company account, add the display account type and print function when the user is querying the sample account;

Lengthen the acctype_des, catype_des, gbtype_des of acctype.dbf to 36 bits to store the new accounting type;

Add the account type EXP -> Expense -> 7 to adapt to the new standard account, but only for accounts with a subject number of 1;

Add the "Account Type" display to the online query account balance to make the query more intuitive and convenient;
Fix the error displayed in the title of "Online Query Transaction Data".



Modify the display mode of most buttons by adding icons to make the interface more friendly;
Modify the add new company option to make it easier for users to operate.


Automatically repair the accounting type of CHTACC.DBF for each company;

When the user modifies the voucher, the query window can automatically refresh the display.


When querying online, pressing Enter immediately upon entering the window will result in Error : acc_no not find, which has been fixed;

Debug query stability and add automatic refresh function (automatically refresh display every 15 minutes)


Modify the button display mode of the online query to display the shortcut keys of the button.


Added movement query and printing function for control documents.


Fixed an error when saving a new transaction type in the popup list;
Modify the printer data that is automatically printed in the voucher input.


"Accounting balance check", modify the balance display method of the credit balance account: Debit positive, credit negative!


In the "Accounting Voucher Entry", turn off the automatic printing option to display only the current system's printer and paper size;

Add "posting function". After the posting a voucher, a general user cannot modify it, but the system administrator can still modify it.

In the "Print Journal Report", remove the print voucher function and move the print voucher to the separate "print accounting voucher" function;

"Print accounting voucher", correct the error that the total amount of each voucher cannot be reset.


Add new options in the "balance sheet" that allow users to re-classify and print "current assets" and "current liabilities";

In "System Environment Parameters", the user is allowed to set whether to automatically print the accounting voucher, the outputting printer and the paper size.


In the newly added company, "release accounting information from compressed files", automatically read company data, and test compressed files./font>


Support the representation of the URL path, such as: "\\mindunhk\apps\gl2kdata\zipfile\".


Subsidiary enquiry: Add "borrowing & lending conditions" to allow users to choose their own query method;

Subsidiary Enquiry: The search string can be queried in the "Transaction Summary" and "Control Document" respectively.

2002-11-01 Added a report, the user can classify and print accounting accounts according to the "Control Document".

For DOS-compatible program upgrades, re-use CURSOR to control the voucher input.


Rewrite the kernel and control the input with a local view.


Developed the system for the first time.