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DAFA = Designed by Accountant For Accountants

The GL2K accounting software is designed by accountant for accountants.


The accounting software available on the market now is mainly designed by programmers. Due to the lack of participation in daily accounting work, these programmers tend to embed as many functions as possible. The fancy features do not give rise to better user experience. Users often ask, 'Why it works in this way?'


In our perspective, accounting software should be simple and straightforward. For a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) employing 20-30 staff, there will be 20-200 daily transactions. The annual volume of transactions is no more than 100,000. A simple, easy-to-use accounting software is more preferable.


GL2K provides a familiar interface (with shortcut keys) to input balanced vouchers systematically under a structural chart of accounts. GL2K allocates sufficient space to record transaction descriptions and an extra field ("Control Document No.") for analysis or summary of trasactions. You can complete a voucher on keyboard alone, speeding up the input process by 30% by avoiding swapping the hand between mouse and keyboard.


No posting is required to produce financial statements such as Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account and Trial Balance. GL2K provides useful print options in printing General Ledger. Layout of ledger and other reports have been optimized to be readable and save paper.


You can instantly check any account balances through on-line enquiry, trace ledger movements and drill down amend the transaction to amend the corresponding voucher instantly. You can also specify the different search criteria to locate those relevant transactions.