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[How Packing List To Assortment Software helps with HK/China operations]
Words from a merchandizing clerk in garment industry.

Due to the lack of proper training, the quality of merchandizing clerks in our factory on the mainland is vastly poor. After arranging shipments, they cannot fax the correct packing lists to our staff in Hong Kong. The letters on the packing lists faxed to HK are usually blurred, and thus problems happen frequently. Moreover, the mainland staff only identifies the numerous errors on the packing lists after printing the lists out. When time is running out, the situation is even more complicated. We simply cannot amend the lists within one click, so the submission of the document for shipment is delayed. We have once passed the deadline of submission of the letter of credit documents, causing discrepancies in the L/C. Luckily, the company managed to receive the sum of money.

We then heard of Packing List To Assortment Software and decided to have a try. Brilliant! The problems vanish! With the aid of Packing List To Assortment Software, the mainland staff can email immediately all the relevant information such as the packing lists with different colors and / or pattern to the staff of the shipping department in HK office. The HK staff can amend instantly and add the appropriate details while checking. They can receive payments in bank well before the deadline. This is extremely helpful when the L/C will soon expire or when the cash of the company is running low.


I tell my boss the profit induced by Packing List To Assortment Software has already covered the cost in just two days.