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Aguest 01, 2002
Gl2K Version 7.2a is now formally released, users are highly recommended to update to this latest version. This new version has fixed a number of traps of the old version and provides users with new functions to make it more convenient.
  • A portion of the input screen has been reserved to show the full name of the account code and the particular/description of the transaction. This makes user get faster in input and checking input on screen.
  • User can press function key 'F3' and enter the line no to force the input screen, go straight to the line the users specified instead of scrolling up and down the input screen.
  • User can backup the accounting data to the disk or the file and email to a remote site. Another user at the remote use the add company ledger function in welcoming screen to add a company, the software will unzip the backup file and create an identical ledger at the remote PC.
  • When user press printer icon in the print preview screen, the select printer window will come up to let user to choose which printer the user want to print to.