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Februry 26, 2003
To meet the requests from users, GL2K 8.0 is formally released with the following new features:
  • Search and print transaction details using Control Document Number.
  • Rearrange the menu bar to make it more logical.
  • "Dr/Cr Condition" option in "Soarch General Ledger" meou to help users to search specified transactions in the ledgers.
  • Users can use either description or Control Document number as searching criteria in" Searching General Ledger"
  • . The UNC naming convention such as \\servername\apps\gl2kdata\abc2003\ is now supported.
  • Automatically read and test newly added company account from zipped files.
  • Reclassification of current liabilities and current asset in Balance Sheet.
  • In the "System Parameters", users can select printer and paper size and enable the auto-printing function.
  • Disables "Auto-print" function, system shows the default printer and paper size only.
  • Added "Posting" function to prevent people other than supervisor from changing the vouchers after posting.
  • The printing function under menu "Journal" is now relocated to a new independent "Printing Voucher" menu.
  • New reporting function that uses Control Document Number to search and print transaction data.
  • Able to view and print the sample chart of accounts
  • Showing "Account Type Name" in "Account Balance Enquiry" to make it more convenient to users
  • Two new options in "Printing General Ledger": 1 Include Accounts with Zero Balance and 2 Include Accounts with no movements
  • Three new options in "Monthly Statement": 1 Include Accounts with Zero Balance , 2 Include Accounts with no movements and 3 New Page for Each Control Document Number
  • A grand sum is added to the Control Document Report.
  • Additional functions for sorting the companies in the "Select Company" Screen and the last selected company is memorized so that users can call up the account easily next time.
  • New "Add Company Wizard" provides users with various effective means to add company accounts.